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Eröffnung: Mi, 05.11.2014, 19:00
Ausstellung: 06.11. - 20.12.2014
Kunsthalle Exnergasse WUK


Éva Bodnár, Nuria Fuster, Ha Za Vu Zu, Nicolas Jasmin, Santiago Morilla, O, Bernhard Rappold, Franz Schubert, Felipe Talo, Carlos Vasconcelos, Brent Wadden, Felix Leon Westner, Das Wiener Jazzpanoptikum.

Taking David Thomas’ lecture “The Geography of Sound” as a departure point, this exhibition project brings together artists from eight different countries: Éva Bodnár, Nuria Fuster, Ha Za Vu Zu, Nicolas Jasmin, Santiago Morilla, O, Bernhard Rappold, Franz Schubert, Felipe Talo, Carlos Vasconcelos, Brent Wadden, Felix Leon Westner, Das Wiener Jazzpanoptikum (Pils, Pulsinger, Zykan), and others.
All of them investigate sound and music in their work, however the approaches are different. On the one side are fine arts, popular music on the other. Not by chance, it was the art-affine David Thomas, singer of the band “Pere Ubu”, which he classifies as avant-garage, who triggered the idea behind the concept. In his aforementioned wonderfully erratic lecture, he skilfully draws a line from Thomas Alva Edison’s first phonographic recording to Elvis. He specially emphasises the stylistic finesse Edison demonstrated when choosing the words for the first sound recording in history. He spoke “Mary had a little lamb” into the horn. A children’s rhyme already popular in 1876, at the time of the recording. Edison could have easily recited something meaningful, an aphorism, for example. But he decided for the mundane, the everyday.
Furthermore, Neil Armstrong is identified as Edison’s disparate twin. Also he had his grand moment in the history of sound recording. According to David Thomas, he thoroughly messed it up. His “That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind!” during the moon landing in 1969 sounded pompous, but also clumsy, memorised, and melodramatic in its metaphor.
“Big events are best heralded with small words,” concludes Thomas.
Time and again, the artistic practice offers – for example, at the beginning of a work (not to mention the quirky fear of the white canvas) or moreover in its titling – moments of pathos and grand gesture, the “Armstrong trap”.
However, the solution does not reside in establishing a style of skilful failure. After all, knowing that one can undoubtedly also provoke “big events” should imply to indeed highly value the things one is working on. The reservoir from which both artistic greatness and ease draw from is often the realm of “small words”. Failure can still ensue later on.

In this sense, Edison’s self-ironic saying “I have not failed – I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” inspired the selection of artistic personalities. For all of them experimenting, discarding, hence constant perfecting is the key.

Éva Bodnár, inventor and proponent of Happy Anfang, pursues in her paintings a porous approach to film, music, and language. Brent Wadden favours the weaving loom as an instrument of analytical slowness. Carlos Vasconcelos’ objects and videos seem to have been forged in an alchemic workshop, steeped in the search for purification and punctuated by the roughness of noise. Ha Za Vu Zu are devoted to passionate and performative irony. Bernhard Rappold turns lapsteel guitars into a visual object. Nicolas Jasmin presents painting von Time to Zeit. Das Wiener Jazzpanoptikum usually attends to DJing on Thursdays and during the exhibition to painting home organs. Franz Schubert shows a silent video interpretation of Gerhard Richter’s Sonic Youth record cover.
In his video Rem Verso Santiago Morilla mimes the artistic Francis of Assisi and holds a graphic dialogue with trees, rats, and birds. On the harbour of a Chinese metropolis one can follow Felipe Talo’s video attempt to generate a magic triangle between a trumpet player, a signalling freight steamboat, and his own chalk drawing. Teresa Rotschopf alias O shows her new music video 2410. Felix Leon Westner performs between vocals and mural drawing, between diagram and loop, thereby digging into the brittle and fragile nature of pop. In her installations and sculptures the trained dancer Nuria Fuster works with the remnants of our society. From used properties of things she distils human corporeality.
(Bernhard Rappold)

In the framework of Vienna Art Week, a performance and concert night takes place on November 21.

Exhibition: November 6 – December 20, 2014
Opening: November 5

Performance / Concert night:
November 21, 2014 from 7 pm.

Du Videot II von Éva Bodnár
Felix Leon Westner
O (Teresa Rotschopf)
Ha Za Vu Zu
Trumatic & Felix Leon Westner
DJ Nicolas Jasmin



Limousine, 2009, Photo print on paper - Ha Za Vu Zu


Platform 0090 invited HA ZA VU ZU to take part in this exhibition. They will be in residency from 10 till 17 November 2014.

Ha Zu Vu Zu is an artist collective based in Istanbul. The collective acts with an absence or switch of hierarchy to encourage the unpredictable within sound and vision. Ha Za Vu Zu sees itself as a hub of abundant collaboration and exchange of ideas. The groups work lies somewhere between performance and agitprop, humour and the organisation of offbeat evenings. The form is variable, spanning performance, installation, videos and objects (from books, flags and banners to mutated disco balls and assorted ephemera).

Ha Za Vu Zu takes part in Hotel Charleroi with a vocalizing performance which is based on making simple vocals as a choir in the range of language to sound for the video on a big screen. The video is made of images that are captured from tv and internet in relation to everyday life dynamics, urbanism, public movements and soon. The performance is realized with the participants.

Besides Ha Za Vu Zu will realize an installation as well as a music performance.

see hazavuzu blogspot for more work


After the colossal Palais des Expositions in 2012 and the suburb town of Marchienne in 2013, HOTEL CHARLEROI settles in Ville Basse, an area that experiences heavy transformations since a couple of years. The present state of Ville Basse -a field of rubble- offers an ideal point of departure for new reflections about Charleroi, its challenges and possibilities.

From 14th till 16th November 2014, the public from Charleroi and elsewhere will be at the centre of LA FORCE DU CHANGEMENT: a dense program including performances, discussions, workshops and interventions proposed by over thirty contemporary artists and collectives for Charleroi.

The energy gathered during the weekend will take shape in the collective construction of a tower on the site of the future shopping mall Rive Gauche. An ephemeral sign for and from the inhabitants of Charleroi, defying the ravaged area, the city and the weather.

All info:

Friday 14 nov, 6pm:   Presentation of the Winter School, Opening perfomances by à;GRUMH, Ha Za Vu Zu, Sandrine Verstraete & Jean de Lacoste,..
Saturday 15 nov, 10am:   « Theory day » with workshops, discussions, lectures and screenings by Lia Perjovschi , Stijn Van Dorpe , Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Kit Hammonds, Renzo Martens, Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost, The Public School for Architecture, The Mental Masonry Lab, NO FUTURE Komplex, …
Sunday 16 nov, 2pm:   Celebration of the tower, football with Montegnet Street Quintet and interventions of  Gelitin, Joep Van Lieshout,..

à;GRUMH // Anna Witt // Annabel Lange // Astrid Seme // [bæk’steɪdʒ] // Baptiste Elbaz // Benoit Félix // Dan Perjovschi // Emmanuel Van der Auwera // Eva Seiler // Gelitin // InterfacultyGROUP // Jean-Philippe De Visscher //Johanna Tinzl // Jozef Wouters // Ha Za Vu Zu // Joep Van Lieshout // Kit Hammonds // Konrad Kager // Lia Perjovschi // Manfred Hubmann // The Mental Masonry Lab // Montegnet Street Quintet // NO FUTURE Komplex // Oberliht // Paul Hendrikse // The Public School for Architecture // Raumte (Pieter Jennes & Maxime Peeters) // Renzo Martens // Robin Vanbesien // Sandrine Verstraete & Jean de Lacoste // Serge Stephan // Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost // Sophie Thun & Maria Giovanna Drago // Stijn Van Dorpe avec Romain Ladrière, Guillaume Theys, Filka Sekulova, Florence Scialom e.a. // Thomas Geiger & Pierre Silverberg //  …

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The Moving Museum Istanbul: Exhibition Opening / 28 October 2014


Amalia Ulman, Ann Cathrin November Høibo, Anne De Vries, Aslı Çavusoglu, Bea Schlingelhoff, Ben Schumacher, Burak Delier, Daniel Keller, David Douard, Elmas Deniz, Emanuel Rossetti, Ethan Cook, Flavio Merlo, George Henry Longly, Günes Terkol, Haig Aivazian, Hale Tenger, Hannah Perry, Harm van den Dorpel, Ha Za Vu Zu, Helga Wretman, Hito Steyerl, Ilja Karilampi, Iz Öztat, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jeremy Bailey, Joe Hamilton, Jon Rafman, Jonas Lund, Jumana Manna, Lara Ögel, Larissa Sansour, Leyla Gediz, Mai-Thu Perret, Michael Staniak, Ming Wong, N Dash, Nilbar Güreş, Oliver Osborne, Özlem Altın, Peles Empire, Phillip Zach, Rafaël Rozendaal, Tobias Madison, Volkan Aslan, Zach Blas

On October 28, The Moving Museum will launch it’s 2014 Istanbul exhibition in the Sishane Otopark. It will be held across 3 floors of the complex, inhabiting five central halls, a metro level mezanine, and the public outdoor park. The exhibition will span over 80,000 square feet and will feature newly commissioned presentations by all 46 artists and collectives during an intensive three month residency period in Istanbul.

Over the past 3 months The Moving Museum saw 35 international artists join 11 local artists in Istanbul in a period of intensive research, production, and public engagement, and each artist was commissioned to engage in a major new work during their time in the city. The artists represents a generation of practitioners working seamlessly across disciplines and borders, displacing aesthetics and redefining best practices against a backdrop of constant change. The exhibition serves to articulate these approaches through the locus of Istanbul, a city echoing this artistic flux, and whose questions and promises embody a microcosm of compatible concernes.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Moving Museum// workshop - Ağlama Atölyesi: The Crying Workshop at Caferiye Han 2014

Beraber ağlayalım mı? Gülmek için ağlayalım mı? Bu cumartesi Ha Za Vu Zu hepimizi nemli bir cumartesi için Caferiye Han'a bekliyor.
When was the last time you've cried with other people? Can tears bring us together? We're inviting you to moisten this dry universe. Crying for nothing! Crying for laughing!

En son ne zaman birileri ile ağladınız? Gözyaşları bizi bir araya getirebilir mi? Sizi bu kupkuru evreni nemlendirmeye davet ediyoruz. Hiçbir şeye ağlamak! Gülmek için ağlamak!
Live music performance
Dj set
Saturday 3-5 pm


Torun Pazarı / ANKARA- 2014 - HZVZ cd kapaklari

11 - 12 Ekim // October 13:00 - 19:30

(english below)

Torun bu sene de, mekanın sürdürülebilirliğine destek amaçlı gerçekleşirken bir panayıra dönüşüveren Torun Pazarını organize ediyor. Torun Pazarı sene boyunca Torun’un satışa odaklandığı yegane an. Geçtiğimiz sene 73 sanatçı ve inisiyatifin katılımıyla oldukça hareketli geçen Pazar Torun’un bugünkü sürdürülebilirliğini sağlayan önemli ekonomik etkinliklerden biri. 

Onlarca sanatçı ve sanat oluşumunun desteğiyle ortaya çıkan bu iki günlük etkinlikte bir sürü farklı disiplinden işin ve tasarım objelerinin yan yana yarattığı çılgın karmaşanın orta yerinde buluşup müzik performanslarına eşlik edeceğiz. Pazar boyunca Torun’da bulabileceğiniz işler çok güzeller! Bizlerle işlerini paylaşan sanatçılar, Torun’da çalmaya gelecek müzisyenler, yemekler hazırlayacak hamaratlar, mekanı yeniden tasarlayıp bir pazara dönüştüren kızlar oğlanlarla, 11 12 ekimde Torun Pazarına sizleri de bekliyoruz!


Held for the first time last year, artists’ works and designs will be up for sale at Torun Market again for a second year! The event which serves as a market-bazaar, is the sole moment of the year when Torun is focused on sales. Last year Torun Market was abuzz with the participation of 73 artists and initiatives which helped sustain Torun today and became an important economic resource. 

The event, which is able to take place with the support of a legion of artists and artistic entities come together from various disciplines, is formed into a crazy display of art works and design objects accompanied by musical performances. The works you will see during the market are wonderful! Together with all the artists who shared their works with us, the musicians who will play on the day, the diligent cooks preparing the food, the girls and boys helping transform the space into a marketplace, we can't wait to see you at Torun Market on 11 & 12 of October!

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