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Installation view, The Spirit of Utopia, 2013 Whitechapel Gallery, London

more  photos:

Installation view, The Spirit of Utopia, 2013 Whitechapel Gallery, London Courtesy Whitechapel Gallery, London. &

‘Copyright Timothy Soar’

’Photo: Patrick Lears’


for performance video::

Multitude Foundation and Wuhan Art Terminus (WH.A.T.) present the Multitude Art Prize in collaboration with the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA). Grounded in the concept of the “multitude,” in which the extraordinary (re)emerges from a social group undergoing a geopolitical change, the Multitude Art Prize examines the role of art and its relevance in different regions of Asia. The Multitude Foundation is a Hong Kong registered charitable trust founded to promote Asian contemporary art through international dialogue, and the Wuhan Art Terminus (WH.A.T.) is a contemporary art centre currently being developed in Wuhan that takes inspiration from the idea of the “terminus,” a place that both sends out and receives people and their ideas. UCCA is proud to host the inaugural Multitude Art Prize exhibition from April 28 – June 16, 2013 (opening April 27), as well as a…

NY Times 18.08.2013


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