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Non Stage represent: What A Loop : for video:::

Image What a Loop by ha za vu zu
April 29 / 8pm–10pm
What a Loop evolved from a game that ha za vu zu plays, that is filmed and fictionalized over and over again. The game begins by choosing scenes that are inspired by film clichés. Players sitting by a table re-enact these scenes by taking turns in such a way that it seems as if the scene “contaminates” each player one by one. While a player is re-enacting, the others use a 35mm handheld camera to shoot the scene. In contrast to this “insider” viewpoint, an “outsider” camera is simultaneously filming the backstage, showing the other players as a set-crew working on the props and other technicalities. Once a player’s scene is done, s/he works either as a camera operator or as a member of the stage crew for the next scene. The whole process is an interrupted loop of film clichés. for video:::

13.04.2011 performance at Kemancı


29.03.2012 // GARİP BİR PANDİK NO: 2 // performance

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