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Limousine, 2009, Photo print on paper - Ha Za Vu Zu


Platform 0090 invited HA ZA VU ZU to take part in this exhibition. They will be in residency from 10 till 17 November 2014.

Ha Zu Vu Zu is an artist collective based in Istanbul. The collective acts with an absence or switch of hierarchy to encourage the unpredictable within sound and vision. Ha Za Vu Zu sees itself as a hub of abundant collaboration and exchange of ideas. The groups work lies somewhere between performance and agitprop, humour and the organisation of offbeat evenings. The form is variable, spanning performance, installation, videos and objects (from books, flags and banners to mutated disco balls and assorted ephemera).

Ha Za Vu Zu takes part in Hotel Charleroi with a vocalizing performance which is based on making simple vocals as a choir in the range of language to sound for the video on a big screen. The video is made of images that are captured from tv and internet in relation to everyday life dynamics, urbanism, public movements and soon. The performance is realized with the participants.

Besides Ha Za Vu Zu will realize an installation as well as a music performance.

see hazavuzu blogspot for more work


After the colossal Palais des Expositions in 2012 and the suburb town of Marchienne in 2013, HOTEL CHARLEROI settles in Ville Basse, an area that experiences heavy transformations since a couple of years. The present state of Ville Basse -a field of rubble- offers an ideal point of departure for new reflections about Charleroi, its challenges and possibilities.

From 14th till 16th November 2014, the public from Charleroi and elsewhere will be at the centre of LA FORCE DU CHANGEMENT: a dense program including performances, discussions, workshops and interventions proposed by over thirty contemporary artists and collectives for Charleroi.

The energy gathered during the weekend will take shape in the collective construction of a tower on the site of the future shopping mall Rive Gauche. An ephemeral sign for and from the inhabitants of Charleroi, defying the ravaged area, the city and the weather.

All info:

Friday 14 nov, 6pm:   Presentation of the Winter School, Opening perfomances by à;GRUMH, Ha Za Vu Zu, Sandrine Verstraete & Jean de Lacoste,..
Saturday 15 nov, 10am:   « Theory day » with workshops, discussions, lectures and screenings by Lia Perjovschi , Stijn Van Dorpe , Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Kit Hammonds, Renzo Martens, Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost, The Public School for Architecture, The Mental Masonry Lab, NO FUTURE Komplex, …
Sunday 16 nov, 2pm:   Celebration of the tower, football with Montegnet Street Quintet and interventions of  Gelitin, Joep Van Lieshout,..

à;GRUMH // Anna Witt // Annabel Lange // Astrid Seme // [bæk’steɪdʒ] // Baptiste Elbaz // Benoit Félix // Dan Perjovschi // Emmanuel Van der Auwera // Eva Seiler // Gelitin // InterfacultyGROUP // Jean-Philippe De Visscher //Johanna Tinzl // Jozef Wouters // Ha Za Vu Zu // Joep Van Lieshout // Kit Hammonds // Konrad Kager // Lia Perjovschi // Manfred Hubmann // The Mental Masonry Lab // Montegnet Street Quintet // NO FUTURE Komplex // Oberliht // Paul Hendrikse // The Public School for Architecture // Raumte (Pieter Jennes & Maxime Peeters) // Renzo Martens // Robin Vanbesien // Sandrine Verstraete & Jean de Lacoste // Serge Stephan // Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost // Sophie Thun & Maria Giovanna Drago // Stijn Van Dorpe avec Romain Ladrière, Guillaume Theys, Filka Sekulova, Florence Scialom e.a. // Thomas Geiger & Pierre Silverberg //  …

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