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Ha Za Vu Zu CV


We started to work in 2005. We live and work in Istanbul.


 2009 "For Whom Is It Too Late Today ? - Between Stamp and Mars" ,Frac des Pays de la Loire, France

 2009 “TIRGIT'ZE! / Herkese Açık – Anyone can come in”, MASA Project, Istanbul

 2008 “Gymnastic: collective and rhythmic”, solo exhibition, Hafriyat Karakoy, Istanbul 

2008 Lokaal 01, Antwerp Belgium 

 2007 “We Are Getting Vocalized “ , Galerist, Istanbul 

 2012 “Underconstraction”, Apartment Project Berlin, Germany 2012 “Ritopek”, Apartment Project, Belgrad 2012 “Turkish Art New And Superb”, TANAS, Berlin, Germany 2012 “Garip Bir Pandik no:2”, NordPTLK, Istanbul 2011 “What A Loop”, Non Stage, Istanbul, Turkey 2011 “Relocate”, Rumeli Han, Istanbul, Turkey 2011 “Garip Bir Pandik no:1”, M.S.U, Istanbul, Turkey 2011 “ Between Stamp and Mars no :3”, SALT, Istanbul, Turkey 2011 “The Beautiful Paintings of Police”, Where Fire Has Struck , DEPO, Istanbul, Turkey 2010 "What a Loop",performance, Münchner Kammerspiele, Germany 2010 "When Ideas Become Crime", curator: Halil Altındere, Depo, İstanbul

 2010 NAKKA!, The Hall, Istanbul, Turkey

 2009 10e BIENNALE DE LYON, curator : Hou Hanru, France

 2009 Next Code: crossing, Gleisdorf 

2009 "BREADWAY", Urban stories: The X Baltic Triennial of International Art, Vilnius
2009 "450 Milyon Yıl Arkadaşlık", Hafriyat Karakoy, Istanbul

 2009 “DISCOFIASCO” project, “Relative Positions and Conclusions”, Curator: Onder Ozengi, Suriye Passage, Istanbul

 2009 “Different Similarity / End Game”, Curator: Pelin Uran, Loop Gallery, Seul 

2008 “We chew the words in front of you”, Cultureescapes Turkei, artist residence Rote Fabrik, Zurich and artist residence Kaserne, Basel

 2008 “Interchange”, Organised by Tomas Harold- Mercy Events, Car Park Gallery, Liverpool

 2008 “Save As...” Contemporary art from Turkey, Triennale Bovisa, Project coordination: İstanbul Bilgi University, Department of Art Management Curator: Derya Yücel, Italy

 2008 “Lucy / bodig & ART ON STAGE”, Curator: Derya Demir, URA, Istanbul

 2008 “Die Letzten Dinge”, in kooperation mit Platform Garanti, Westfalischer Kunstverein, Munster 

2007 “10th International Istanbul Biennial“, curator : Hou Hanru, “Our Teeth Will Be Snow White” project, Antrepo no:3, Istanbul

 2007 “Reccals-Reminders”, Galerist, Istanbul

 CONTACT: mail: LINKS: Urban Stories: The X Baltic Triennial of International Art, Vilnius 2009 :: performans video links: Ha Za Vu Zu & Åbäke Performansı/Performance, 21 Nisan / April 21, 2011 : Elizabeth Wolfson//The Power of Simple: An Interivew with Ha Za Vu Zu : ha za vu zu diskography -------------------------- !______   (2006)  '______   (2007)   "Our Teeth Will Be Snow White"  / 10th International Istanbul Biennial Antrepo no:3  ^^____   (2007)    URA Clean/ URA Dirty- 2 cd    / URA! +_____   (2008)    HA ZABelgium    / Lokaal 01 %_____   (2008)   STUDIO METRUK   / Bülent Yurttaş's Metruk Studio &______  (2008)  Gymnastic  - Collective and Rhythmic   / Hafriyat Karaköy /______   (2008)    Eptagon    /Garanti Platform floor 4-5.   (______   (2008)   Dogzstar Concert  vocal:Richard Nazım Dikbaş )______   (2008)   EKOAKU / BASSAKU 2cd   Rotefabrik Zurich/ Kaserne Basel   !=______ (2009)   DISCOFIASCO /  Suriye Pasage/ Garanti Platform !!______   (2009)  300.000 Year Friendship   /  Hafriyat Karaköy !'______   (2009)   FRAk  / Frac des Pays de la Loire !^^____  (2010)  Stargate:  Anton&Veysel    / studyometruk                           !+______ (2010)   NAKKA! / the Hall    

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Güneş Terkol takes inspiration from her immediate surroundings, collecting materials and stories, which she weaves into her sewing pieces, videos, sketches and musical compositions.She also member of HaZaVuZu artist collective and GuGuOu group keeps working. Terkol, born 1981, is a Turkish artist based in Istanbul. She graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Fine Art Faculty, Painting Department. She completed her master’s degree in Yildiz Teknik University Interdisciplinary Art Department. Selected solo exhibitions include Holographic Recording at Gallery NON in Istanbul (2014) and Dreams On The River at OrganHaus in Chongqing (2010). Selected group shows include the 2016 “ Live Uncertainty”, 53 nd Bienal de Sao Paulo, 2015 “Passion, Joy, Fury”, MAXXI,Rome 2015 Stay10th Gwangju Biennale in Korea (2014), Better Homes at the Sculpture Center in New York (2013), Signs Taken in Wonder at MAK in Vienna (2012) and Dream and Reality at Istanbul Modern (2011). Terkol has attended the residency programs at ISCP New York, 2013; OrganHaus, Chongqing, 2011 and Gasworks, London, 2010.