2 july 9.30 pm performance by HA ZA VU ZU / Berlin

BOOKS UNFOLDED a project based on Vassiliea Stylianidou's book | initiated by STUDIOvisits, Berlin
opening Saturday 2 july 8 pm
9.30 pm performance by HA ZA VU ZU (with Gerd Brendel) /Istanbul
from 9 pm with random intervals performance by Chryssa Tsampazi
*special thanks for Gerd Brendel.

music drinks and food on the terrace with discussions about direct democracy in the art ⁄ greece and europe

duration: 2 - 4 july 2011 2 to 6 pm and by appointment


Wattstrasse 8
5th floor
13355 Berlin
U8 Voltastrasse

BOOKS UNFOLDED is a series of collaborative installations based on Vassiliea Stylianidou’s artist’s book

“The Plotless Room_I Lie to History”. The book has been published in 2011 by Revolver Publishing, Berlin,

in collaboration with futura, Athens. “The Plotless Room_I Lie to History” deals with

the limitations of systems of order such as language, family, architecture and gender

as well as the relationship between text and viewer/reader, text and space.

BOOKS UNFOLDED VOL.1 intents to continue the circulation of concepts that

surround the artist’s book. Vassiliea Stylianidou gave the book to 37 artists.

She asked them to create an object/sculpture out of the book’s discursive,

material and aesthetic concepts in order to find a relation between their work and the book.

The 37 objects/sculptures will be presented on a construction

especially conceived for BOOKS UNFOLDED VOL.1.

Participating artists

Antje Blumenstein ⁄ Manuel Bonik ⁄ Johanna Bruckner ⁄ Kane Do ⁄

Dora Economou ⁄ Christian Engelmann ⁄ Ourania Fasoulidou ⁄ Sokratis Fatouros ⁄

HA ZA VU ZU ⁄ Heike Gallmeier ⁄ Ingo Gerken ⁄ Robert Gfader ⁄

Zoe Giabouldaki ⁄ Sofia Hultén ⁄ Jeff Kay ⁄ Thanos Klonaris ⁄ KERNEL ⁄

Phanos Kyriacou ⁄ Alexander Laudenberg ⁄ Sabine Linse ⁄ Matthias Mayer ⁄

Tereza Papamichali ⁄ Karol Radziszewski ⁄ Nina Rhode ⁄ Kirstin Rogge ⁄

Kostas Sahpazis ⁄ Kai Schimenz ⁄ Ioannis Savvidis ⁄ Jaro Straub ⁄

Joulia Strauss ⁄ Lina Theodorou ⁄ Chryssa Tsampazi ⁄ Sencer Verdaman ⁄

Ulrich Vogl ⁄ Stefan Wischnewski ⁄ Christine Woditschka ⁄ Mary Zygouri


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